Frequently Asked Questions
How does it work?

Register and log in into your account. Click Ads from the menu to show the advertisements. Click an advertisement and wait until the loading bar completes. Confirm the captcha and your balance is credited! As soon as your account balance reaches a certain treshold you can make a request for payout.

How Much i get paid ?

Net profits


Standard Members:

These type of Members will earn daily up to $0.06 from them clicks +commissions from their referrals


If you have 100 rented referrals so you will earn 20% of click value.


Upgrade Members

Standard ++(30% of click value)+their clicks


Extra money(40% of click value)+their clicks


Golden(45% of click value)+their clicks


professional members(55% of click value)+their clicks


Costing Of Professional Members:

$900 For One year

Earn 400% per own click

Earn 55% comission of they Referrals

The price of renting is:

Referrals            Monthly    autopay

0 -> 250            0.20         0.0056

251 -> 500         0.20         0.0056

501 -> 750         0.20       0.0056

751 -> 1000       0.20       0.0056

1001 ->1250       0.20      0.0056

1251 -> 1500      0.20       0.0056

1501 -> 1750     0.20      0.0060

Over 1750          0.21      0.0062



Note:Standard Members

The Max Cashout´s only can achived 30$

Most have a $4 Deposit for the first Cashout.


Points per ptc click: 1.00

Points per forum post: 1.00

Points per dollar deposited: 15.00

Points per dollar for conversion to purchase balance: 10000.00

10000 Points = 1$

Can I have more than one account?

No you can have more than one account in investclix.

If we detect multiple accounts that relate to the same person, all relevant accounts will be closed

How i can get my earning

For withdraw money you must send us withdraw request and we will pay you with in 4-12 days after send us request

12Days for standard Members

4 Days for upgraded Members

We will pay in all days of week

Limit withdraw :

Standard : 3$/day and 12 days for next withdraw

Standard ++: 50$/day and 9 days for next withdraw

Extra money : 100$/day and 7 days for next withdraw

golden : 150$/day and 7 days for next withdraw

professional members :200$/day and 6 days for next withdraw


The minimum withdraw is:

Standard  2.00$

Standard ++ 2.00$

Extra money     3.00$

Golden    4.00$

Professional members    5.00$


How can I advertise?

You can order advertise from advertise menu but you must resgister for do it

What kind of websites can't advertise?


 Adult content